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Our Mission

These are exciting times for businesses and customers alike - never before has it been this easy to get a new product onto the market. This means businessmen and -women are starting fresh companies and launching new products almost as quickly as the idea pops into their heads, and the customers are presented with a never ending choice of gadgets to choose from while browsing the web. As a potential buyer your every visit to social media today is an experience of being bombarded by cheap ads from virtual resellers and dropship companies, hoping to reel you in and make a quick buck as you're scrolling past.

This also presents a problem - How do you, with your honest business, manage to stand out from the hordes of cheap and mass produced wares, whose logos are still barely dry on the product's surface? You probably already have a clue, but this is where Yellowtail comes in. We help you go in the complete opposite direction.


Instead of shipping a fast product where you have little to no control of the end result, imagine taking your time and having your product designed exactly to your preferences. Instead of buying a ready-made product and slapping your logo on it, imagine developing something which suits your customers' needs perfectly. Instead of selling an impulse buy, imagine creating something that your customers will cherish and feel was a lovely purchase. 

We are here to create meaningful products which serve a purpose, and we know you are on the same page (otherwise you wouldn't have made it this far).

Professionally Playful

Playfulness is a key component in reaching new levels of creativity within the field of Industrial design. Allowing playfulness to take part in the design process and mixing it with a professionalism towards the craft has brought some very innovative solutions to our clients' products. Solutions which would otherwise never have seen the light of day. 


One of our most important values is to always stay approachable. It can feel daunting to start the journey of creating a new product, and Yellowtail's goal is to remove some of that stress from your shoulders, not add to it. We want you to know that there are no such things as 'stupid questions', and hopefully we can make any contact with us feel relaxed and helpful.


To create meaningful business relationships we believe openness is absolutely necessary. This is why we are clear from the get go that Yellowtail is an agency which values close customer connections. We are happy to keep you updated about what we are doing and how your project is moving along, and as a client you are always welcome to ask any question you can think of.

Our Values

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