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Industrial design is all about understanding - Understanding the problem which needs to be solved, understanding the client and where they are coming from, as well as understanding the buyers who will use the finished product or service. Sometimes this understanding comes easy, but other times it requires challenging existing beliefs and moving on to see what's behind the next hill. Yellowtail values having the client as an active companion on this journey, and regularly stay in touch to make sure the project is living up to your expectations.


How Yellowtail makes developing your next product a pleasant experience


Design Process

Every design case is unique, and this means that the design process must be adapted to your needs - Yellowtail is here to help you wherever you are in the process. We are able to take care of your project from the very first sketch, through 3D modeling including prototyping with user testing, and finally release. If you need help with packaging and marketing we've of course got you covered in these areas as well.


Why choose Yellowtail?

Choosing to have your product made by a designer means you will receive an end product tailormade for your clients and your business. Users notice the love put into your product in order to give them a positive experience, and will in turn love your company back. Yellowtail can offer you a 'one-stop solution', where we take care of the  design process for you. This way you won't have to deal with bouncing information and files between multiple different agencies, and you can rest easy knowing that every aspect of the design, from the product's styling to the packaging, follows the same design language and high quality standards.

Industrial Design

We help you create a product to fill a gap in your product line, solve a problem, or create innovative products for increased brand engagement. We carefully take company strategy, production methods, material choices and more into account.

Concept Generation

By bringing in Yellowtail early in the process of creating your new product you will get assistance in exploring creative directions, through your insights and ours, which might otherwise be left unexplored. 

User Experience Design

With a "Design for All" approach we make sure that your product will have an inclusive role in the society and takes the users into account, no matter gender, age or disabilities. With the insight gained through research and user testing we make the changes necessary to ensure your clients will have a satisfying experience when interacting with the creations of your brand.

Graphic Design

Yellowtail can support you in creating original marketing material for both print and web medias, vector based logos and icons, decals, infographics, signs and much more.

Technical Illustrations

Manuals and instruction booklets are often necessary companions to a product. We make sure your new service or device will be understood and used correctly by creating clear and user friendly illustrations.

Product Renderings

During the design stage, realistic 3D renderings of your product will be an important part of the development, as they let you visualise the complete product. It's also a cheap and quick way of trying out different materials and color combinations before actual production. Quality renderings will furthermore be of great use when you are presenting your concept to investors, clients, or when you want to show it on your website. 

Packaging Design

The box is in many cases the first thing the buyer sees - which makes it all the more important to create a great packaging and unboxing experience. We design your packaging to feel as high quality as the contents within.

Design Consultation

Got an idea, but not sure how to take the next step? Are you pondering two different material choices, but need more input before making the final call? We help you get past these obstacles and get you going towards your project launch again. 

Product Styling and
Brand Language

Do you already have a ready-made product which solves your problem, but need its style to match your company brand language and its looks visually appealing? We will carefully reshape your product to seamlessly blend into your product line, or make it better suited to your intended market.

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